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Instructor: Aarati Akkapeddi

Zoom ID: 756 460 4236

Office hours: By Appointment

Email: [email protected]

Lecture: 1:30-5:50pm EST, Wed

🐛 Course Description

This course introduces computational thinking and how to use a programming language to generate form, animation and interaction. It aims to provide both a conceptual framework to understand the digital medium, and the practical skills to integrate computational tools into the creative process across a range of applications. The course is structured around two main blocks: The first block introduces the fundamentals of computer programming and the second block focuses on five different computational approaches to generate form: repetition, transformation, parametrization, visualization and simulation, as discussed in the book Form + Code (Reas and McWilliams, 2010). Learning a programming language is as difficult as learning any other language. It takes years of practice and continuous effort. This course is conceived as a crash course for students interested in acquiring tools, processes and skills to incorporate coding and computational thinking into their workflows in a fun and creative way. While it would be unrealistic to expect students to master code by the end of the term, this course should spark curiosity, open up new avenues of investigation and expand students’ understanding of media and communication.

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